Explain how each strategic analysis tool is used by managers and leaders to solve problems, address challenges, or to capitalize on opportunities internal or external to an organization.

Strategic Analysis Tools Managers have many strategic analysis tools at their disposal. The most common strategic analysis tool used by managers and leaders to evaluate the internal and external environment of a company is the SWOT analysis. This form of analysis is widely applicable and is a highly effective tool used by managers and leaders to evaluate problems, challenges, and opportunities. However, the SWOT analysis is only one type of strategic analysis tool to consider. Review the different types of analyses provided in the Policy and Strategy Knowledge Base. To familiarize yourself with various strategic analysis tools, conduct additional research as needed and write a brief expository essay based on the following criteria: Conduct research to identify 2 strategic analysis tools used by managers and leaders to evaluate problems, opportunities, and challenges internal and external to an organization. You may choose to discuss qualitative or quantitative types of analysis tools. Explain the pros and cons of each strategic analysis tool you identified. Provide examples demonstrating how you can use both strategic analysis tools to problem solve, address challenges, make improvements, or to capitalize on opportunities from a Research & Development, Marketing, Finance, and Production perspective when you begin Competition Round 1 of the Capsim Core simulation in the future. Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed, scholarly research resources to substantiate your critical thinking, and to provide viable reasoning for your perspectives. Provide unique perspective using no more than one direct quote from research resources. Effectively synthesize research by paraphrasing.

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