eview the readings listed below on legal and ethical issues in nursing education, and strategies to decrease nurse educator liability. Reflect on an undergraduate nursing course that you took, or are teaching. Compare the types of faculty risk-management strategies discussed in your readings with your experiences as a student or faculty member. Give at least 3 concrete examples of how your instructors or you either have carried out these strategies or have not carried out these strategies (any combination of examples is fine!).

Christensen, L.S (2016). The academic performance of students: Legal and ethical issues. In In D. Billings and J. Halstead (Eds.), Teaching in nursing. A guide for faculty. (5th ed). (Chapter 3, pages 35-54). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Patton, C.W. & Lewalle, L.P. (2015). Legal issues in clinical nursing education. Nurse Educator 40(3), 124-128.

Pressler, J.L. & Kenner, C.A. (2014) Navigating legal issues in academic nursing. Nurse Educator, 39(6), 261-262.

I have included the two articles/sources mentioned as pdf documents. The other two you will need to provide. All resources cite must be from 2010- 2016

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