Evaluate the webpage that you found, being carefully to fully address each element of the CRAAP test. ?

Evaluating Webpage Reliability & Trustworthiness: The CRAAP Test College writing must be more than opinion and must be supported by credible, reliable sources. Although its often easy to find webpages on any topic, it is harder to find webpages that are credible, reliable sources. Reading module 3 of your textbook this week, you learned about the CRAAP test, which is a method for evaluating sources that works particularly well for webpages. In this discussion board, were going to practice using the CRAAP test, discuss why its important to be careful when using webpages as sources, and use the CRAAP test elements for determining if a webpage is a suitable source. Prepare: Read module 3 of your textbook and review the CRAAP Test handout. Watch https://ashford.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/GEN103+DETERMINING+AUTHORITY/0_mt79qr6h and https://ashford.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/GEN103+DETERMINING+CURRENCY/0_rfgmi3nx . Then, find a webpage that relates to your research question (you can use this webpage on your annotated bibliography). Examine your chosen web page for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose. Reflect: Consider why it is important to evaluate any webpages that you plan to rely on for information. Reflect on the elements of the CRAAP test and explain how each one indicates the credibility and reliability of a source. Write: ? Explain whether you think the webpage that you found passed the CRAAP test and is a credible, reliable source or not. Provide details to support your determination. ? Explain why its important to evaluate webpages that you plan to use for information. What are some reasons that it can be difficult to determine how credible and reliable a webpage is? Be sure to include the correctly formatted APA reference for the webpage that you found at the end of your discussion.

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