Write an essay in which you examine a Transformational leadership theory and consider its relevance to a context of nursing practice.

Details of task: The aim of this assessment task is to demonstrate your reading and insights into one leadership theory and your thinking about its application in your context of nursing practice. In the essay you will: Introduce the topic. Identify and summarise the history and main premises of the leadership theory. Identify and describe the potential application of the theory to a context of nursing practice (Write a scenario in which a leader ( Nurse unit manager dealing with his/her health care staff). Draw a conclusion relevant to the material discussed and your emergent insights from the work.When describing the leadership theory you may cite material from general management or organisational psychology or leadership textbooks. Additional primary or research based sources are also needed. When considering the application of the theory to nursing you will find it helpful to write a brief scenario or outline of the nursing context or clinical/professional situation where the leadership theory will be applied – prior to identifying and arguing the relevance of the theory to the context. It is likely that this part of the essay will contain only a few specific references.The academic content of the essay (90 marks) Title and introduction 10 marks Summary of the history and main premises of the leadership theory 20 marks Application of the theory to a context of nursing practicE – Please write more on this area because it will be graded 50 marks Conclusion 10 marks Presentation and style (10 marks) Structure of the assignment and clarity of expression 5 marks Citations and references 5 marks Sources should me not less than 10 years old

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