Epitaxial electrodeposition of free standing large area single crystal NI based substrates

I need the introduction to interduce the background theory and concept used. Also, approach taken in the project.

The project is about depositing nickel onto copper and thin film that i got will be examined in Scanning electron microscope and atomic force microscope and x- ray and TEM . Then moving to Have a Ni- W electrodeposition ( that mean nickel tungstun) The electrolyte that used for deposition Ni on Cu is 15.2 g/l of NISO4, 2.5 g/l Nicl2, 1.5 g/l of H3Bo3.
The elctrolyte used to deposit Ni- W are as follow 0.05-0.10 M of Niso4.6H2O, 0.40 M of Na2Wo4.2H2O, 0.25- 0.60 M of C6H5Na3O7.2H2O

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