Please use quotes from the textbook.

St. Augustine’s Confessions

St. Augustine is widely regarded as the most important theologian of the ancient church. In this journal, I’d like you to explore why he has received this distinction. To accomplish this task I’d like you to take notes as you read and explore our selection from Augustine’s Confessions.

Task One

In particular, I’d like you to keep three lists of adjectives for three key aspects of Augustine’s story: Augustine’s sense of self, Augustine’s vision of the world around him, and Augustine’s vision of God. Here are some questions that may help you to construct these lists: How does Augustine regard each of these? What adjectives does he use to describe them? What does he imply about each? Why?

Task Two

Finally, with this work as a foundation, try to understand St. Augustine and his context and then answer this central question: Why is St. Augustine such an influential medieval ideal? In other words, what central medieval virtues does he embody?

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