Entry Level Job-Marketing Assistant

The above areas of discussion require some thought and research � perhaps including your interviewing someone employed in such a position � as well as both careful documentation of sources and presentation of facts. You should also consider presenting any complicated numerical data in your paper through easily understood formats (tables, charts, etc.). A great place to begin your research is the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at www.bls.gov.
� Use the third-person point of view (POV) when writing both halves of your research paper, which means you will use the �he, she, they� voice rather than the �I� voice. Your target reading audience is a large group of people considering your research paper topic as a career.
� An Overview section, which narrows the reader�s attention from the general to the specific of your research statement.
� A clear, concise research statement in the (now entitled) Overview section informs the reader of the purpose or organizing construct that acts as the controlling central idea. Like a thesis statement in an essay, the research statement in a research paper informs the reader of what the paper is about, yet, unlike a thesis statement, does not necessarily state an opinion that the author sets out to demonstrate or prove.

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