Tata Steel Design Competition

81115956 – Tata Steel= Design Competition paper.
35 pages report(5 of them should be li= terature review on similar structures here in the UK)
35 pages ca= lculations
Follow the brief for the competition meeting the crite= rias required for it but bare in mind the marking scheme which is separate = from the competition for the same paper. This is as follow:

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Project Plan:
This mark represents 10% of the overall a= ssessment=09Percentage Mark
Report Outline and Rationale for Project Topic S= election:
(Feasibility assessed, main chapters identified, resour= ces and materials identified, Timetable of study for major activities established)=09

Ethics and Health and Safety applicati= on, =E2=96=A1Started/Ongoing =E2=96=A1Completed by the student.
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Spoken presentation:
This mark represents 10% of th= e overall assessment=09Percentage Mark
Quality of Presentation:
(C= larity, layout, sequence, impact)=09
The above sections are to be completed = by the supervisor

This mark repr= esents 10% of the overall assessment=09Percentage Mark
Presentation and Cont= ent:
(layout, clarity, content, visual impact)=09

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Final Report:
This mark represents 70% of the overall assessment= =09Percenta= ge Mark

(summarises project an= d conclusions effectively) (Max 5% weighting)
(summary of the report/context, aims and objectives, approach is outli= ned) (Max 5% weighting)
(logically drawn, = related to aims, objectives and critical analysis) (Max 5% weighting)
Quality of Academic Writing:
(clear layout and structure, pu= nctuation, spelling, grammar, readership) (Max 10% weighting)=09
=09 =09

Background Research:
(Demonst= rates wider reading using a selection references, illustrates degree of und= erstanding, information is summarised and clearly presented, citations refe= renced correctly) (Max 20% weighting)

Research Str= ategy:
(Investigation justified and well thought out, problems id= entified and addressed, methodology clearly presented and logical) (Max 10%= weighting)

Main Body:
(Two feasible and= different structural arrangements, justification of the solution, problems= addressed, results appropriately presented) (Max 20% weighting)
(Calculations, plans/elevations/cross-sections, environmental considerations, feasibility and construction methodology) (Max 25% weighting)=09

Project plan and health and safety has already been done and achieved 89% there. I am aiming for a similar mark for the rest of the project.

Two= final A1 drawings should be included as you can see in the tata steel desi= gn competition brief. They should be done in AutoCAD or Revit but I would p= refer AutoCAD.
As there are 2 designs and 2 functional fram= ing systems I want the first design to be based on sharp angles, square cor= ners ..basically a simple but functional frame. The second design, I need i= t to be impressive and stand out with a series of curves potentially with c= able stay systems as well. The inspiration for the second design should be = based on Yas hotel build by Arup in the Emirates mixed with the new Kings C= ross Station in London.

The referencing style shou= ld be CU-Harvard.

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