Employee reward


PRP relates pay progression or bonuses to the assessed performance of individuals or teams. It is the explicit link of financial reward to the achievement of objectives (Armstrong, 2009). It is based on what people do and the outcomes and not on how they do it. Some authors however argue that employees favour the concept of being paid according to performance, the actual experience of working under such systems has been negative. This raises the issue of problems relating to process & systems rather than the principle of IPRP.

With reference to appropriate academic literature and evidence from practice, (1) critically examine the above statement highlighting the benefits, criticisms, tensions associated with the use of performance related pay in practice (80% weighting) and (2) provide informed recommendations as to the key issues to consider when introducing a performance related pay scheme within an organisation to ensure its success (20% weighting).

1750 words (excluding references and bibliography). Please insert word count on title page and present your work in 1.5 line spacing.

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