Here is the assignment: Let’s use some of your knowledge and apply it to the real world. Post an article and briefly summarize it. (I will need the web source to do this) The article should be about either the Federal Reserve or Fiscal Policy. Its your job to tell us which. Then read at least 2 classmate’s articles and post a response, maybe some insight towards 1 of their articles. Can you give some insight to this classmates article / post:
In the article The Presidents Budget for Fiscal Year 2014 briefly summarizes the views and direction of how the upcoming 2014 fiscal year will be managed from our presidency. The view’s touch on how we should focus on strengthening the middle class, create jobs, and grow the economy while continuing to cut our deficit in a balanced way. The budget will help establish this by investing in high-tech manufacturing and innovation, clean energy, and infrastructure, while cutting red tape, or old business regulations, to help businesses grow. The plan also has guidelines to raise the minimum wage to 9 dollars an hour. The fiscal policy set for 2014 is constructed so that we have a sound plan in place for the future growth of our middle class and is projected to shave $1.8 trillion dollars off our deficit.

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