In this essay I would like you to discuss dreams and their role in your life. (This is an important topic in chapter #6–#5 in 9th edition. Read the essay assignment, then browse the chapter for relevant information.) Your discussion should include these parts:

1.Give a description of a dream. This dream might be your own dream, either recent or from the past. It might also be a dream of someone you know who you can “interview” for the purpose of this assignment. Make the description as detailed as possible. What kind of imagery is in it? Is it all visual, or are there sounds and smells and tastes? What is the emotional content of the dream? Is it in black and white or color? Do you know the characters in the dream? Are you in the dream? Is it strange and bizarre or is it realistic? What are some bizarre elements in it?
2.Give your ideas about the meaning and importance of this particular dream in this dreamer’s life. Give your ideas about the purpose and importance in general of dreams in peoples lives.
3.Read about these ideas from Chapter 5; day residue, manifest content, and latent content. How can these ideas be applied to the dream you are analyzing?
4.With regard to the latent content of the dream, what might Sigmund Freud have to say about it?

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