child prosititution in california

Advocacy Proposal

Check out the Advocacy Essay Prompt, Advocacy Essay Rubric, and Advocacy Essay Objectives.
For your advocacy proposal, you need to find three possible policy solutions. One of these has to be from an non-governmental source, but all three could be if necessary.
You need to include a summary of each policy and then list both the benefits and flaws of each policy (perhaps citing information from outside sources).
You then need to write a small conclusion telling me which one you would choose to advocate over the other two and why.
You should have a working bibliography with the three solutions, two additional sources and evaluations of these two additional sources.
Upload this all on Canvas. If you get stuck with finding solutions, you need to email me or check in with the librarians right away! Failure to complete this proposal because you can’t find a solution isn’t acceptable. You have to have a good solution soon in order to write this paper.
My topic is child prosititution in california,

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