Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack

The presentation should contain many aspects regarding the DDoS attack such as:
• Mechanism
• Detection techniques
• Protection techniques
• Types
• … etc., and by etc. I mean search and find whatever important you find related to the DDos attack if there’s any.
Extremely important notices, please review them very carefully:
• Usually, I receive my advanced writing papers written in a very academic formal way. I’m sorry but that won’t work for me at all. This’s a speech which should be written in a conversational way since I’m going to MEMORIZE the speech part and present it EXACTLY as written by you.

• Kindly make sure to write each part in a paragraph of its own. For example, DDoS detection techniques will have its own paragraph. More importantly, each paragraph will be distributed into points. Even if the contents of the paragraph seem to you not suitable for points distribution. This will make it easier for me to memorize, so please be certain to do so.

• I’m going to create and design 10 PowerPoint slides by myself. I’m going to use your written documents, extract parts of it and use them on the PowerPoint along with some graphs and pictures. Please make sure to refer each part to a slide number. This will make it easier for me to distribute them on the slides.

• I’d really appreciate it to search and find me some graphs and pictures related to the topics and points that I’m going to talk about. 6 graphs/pictures will do.

• The chosen number of words is 1100 but I’m going to memorize only 400 words of your speech. So please make the speech part in bold text for my benefits to recognize because as I said I will memorize it exactly as written by you, and also because I don’t to include it on the slides except for headlines of course.

• Extract those 400 words and include them AGAIN in a separate document.

• The chosen sources are 6. You can use more or less depending on your needs. If you want to mention the sources, please put them at the very end of the whole documents.


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