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The purpose of this discussion is to see where you stand politically and how your political leanings were developed. Go to http://www.politicalcompass.org/. Click on “Take the test” on upper left hand corner and answer six pages of questions. On page 6, click on “let’s see where you stand” to determine your political compass. Then, read the chapter on political socialization (chapter 6) paying particular attention to agents of political socialization.

First, what is your political compass? Make sure to explain what your political compass means. Second, which of the primary and/or secondary socializing agents described in chapter 6 of Patterson influenced your political outlook? Carefully explain how these factors have influenced your political opinion and outlook.
Your response to the discussion question must be at least 400 words and is due by 11:55pm, FRIDAY, July 11, 2014. Responses that are posted on Saturday or Sunday will be penalized 5 points per day. Replies to fellow students’ posts are due by 11:55pm, Sunday, July 13, 2014.


First, do not copy and paste from internet websites. I consider plagiarism to be academic theft and I have severe penalties for those who steal other people’s work. Please read two short articles on plagiarism by clicking on the Plagiarism folder located in Course Information. In addition, see my policy on plagiarism and cheating on the syllabus.

Second, please be open-minded to and respectful of other people’s opinions. Discussion is NOT a forum for personal attacks or hateful speech. Just because you disagree with someone else’s opinion, you do not have to resort to name calling or remarks that denigrate the person. You may disagree with someone’s logic without attacking the person’s integrity or intelligence.

Students who use derogatory terms or personal attacks will receive a zero for that discussion assignment. In addition, s/he will be asked to apologize for inappropriate behavior.

use the same book as i gave you last time same log in and you can take the online test for me i really can care less.


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