Discuss why St. Francis would choose each of the 6 points and what he hopes to accomplish in his new business.

One essay, a full, minimum twelve pages (12 pages of text!) in length (double-spaced, one
inch margins all around) is due–as a WORD DOCUMENT only– during allotted time or
essay week in summer courses. Please turn in the essay to the CANVAS Drop BOX
supplied after the completion of Ch.9
Please know that the essay topics are as follows:
Please read thoroughly the required text The Vocation of the Business Leader. With this
document in mind, please also research the life and work of St. Francis of Assisi (1182-
1226). Using your moral imagination and newfound understanding in Business Ethics, have
Saint Francis of Assisi start a business using no less than 6 of the 87 points outlined and
discussed in The Vocation of the Business Leader (we will already have discussed some of
these points throughout the semester!). Please give the number of each of the 6 points you
will use in the text of your paper. Please also be original and
innovativepart of your grade will be on creativity (the other parts of the text will be
graded upon clarity, argument, understanding of Business Ethics). Feel free to incorporate
themes, vocabulary and anything that you have learned from the Shaw/Barry text as well
and be sure and use our texts as references. Please: be creativeOr As innovation is key to healthy commerce in a global environment, and as our technological
age expands its influence, please invent a marketable, real-world commodity–product or
serviceand discuss how it advances ethics in business and the subject of ethics in general.
The first half of your essay should discuss your invention; the second half should include
your ethical commentary. Please use no less than 6 references to The Vocation of the
Business Leader in either or both sections of your essay

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