Critically examine the following statement: The Uppsala Model and Psychic Distance are out of date and are not relevant anymore to explain the internationalisation process of firms.

Please answer TWO of the following questions. Each question has a strict 1000 word count. On page 3, the marking criteria is presented. Question 2 Critically assess the arguments for believing that foreign direct investment is positive for the host country? Question 3 What are the arguments for and against Brexit, and regional economic integration as a whole? Discuss the potential consequences of Brexit on international business. Question 4 To what extent do emerging country multinationals differ from multinationals from developed countries? Critically assess the statement, we need a new theory to explain outward FDI from emerging country multinationals COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT Question 5 What strategies can multinationals adopt to unleash innovation from their foreign subsidiaries? Use examples to support your answers. Question 6 Through examples of the four MNE archetypes, critically examine the relevancy of Verbekes Seven Concepts of the Unifying Framework.

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