discuss specific strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution.

Your discussion should also explain how uncertainties in the evidence and assumptions you made during your analysis might affect the course of action you are recommending. Please also identify any specific challenges that might arise during implementation of the recommended solution, how you would address these issues, and what outcome is expected. If applicable, recommend further action to resolve such issues, specifying what should be done and who should do it.
What specific actions should be taken to implement your proposed course of action? Who will be involved in the implementation? At what level (e.g., individual, team, department, SBU, organization) must action be taken? What is the time-frame for the implementation?
What, if any, obstacles might affect the decision-makers ability to implement your recommended solution? How might implementing the recommended solution create new problems?
Are there any particular issues or factors which could detract from the success of your recommended solution?
What, if any, tips do you have to help in the implementation process?

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