Diana L. Eck “seeing the divine” and pilgrimage

Your second essay (3-4 pages 1.5 spaced) , must concern itself in some manner with Diane Eck’s Darsan (in much the same way that your first essay had to be directly or indirectly connected with the Gita). As last time, this is hardly a restriction; a great many important issues within Hinduism are connected with the theme the book: namely, worshipping the divine image. Your topic’s “inspiration” should be Eck’s book, but you must also make use of 2-3 additional scholarly sources (e.g., chapters or articles). Wikipedia, because it is not peer-reviewed, should not be counted as one of these sources.
Eck, D. L. (1998). Dar?an: Seeing the divine image in India. New York: Columbia University Press.
This essay in specific should be about the book a Darsan – seeing the divine image of India and any topic related to the Darsan which i choose “pilgrimage” . Pilgrimage can be found on chapter 3 of the Darsan book by diana l. eck. and three other to sources. the goal is to connect Darsan and pilgrimage importance within it. Any more questions, just send me a message or email

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