Description of Task You have been asked to address the staff at your school on the topic of personalized learning. Your aim is to convince the staff about the benefits of a personalized learning approach as it may relate to the educational needs of the students in your school. You want to be honest with your colleagues so you will also anticipate their greatest concerns and discuss some of the constraints or barriers of personalized learning. You may begin with a powerpoint presentation slides that you could show to staff (not essential for assessment) as you presented your argument. Although this essay is written as a speech or presentation, you will be required to access and reference the literature and use academic writing style. APA 6th edition referencing is required. You will find a grading rubric on the LMS. Submit your essay online on the LMS.

In this subject you will investigate a range of methods used to individualise learning. The methods include: the needs of learners; diverse ability cohorts; the differentiated curriculum; Universal Design principles; student autonomy, use of technology; benchmarks and accountability; structuring for differentiation; projects; Individualised Learning Plans; and the innovative use of space.
You will also choose a module for further application or in-depth study from either:
• Strategic planning for differentiation

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