Describe your childs performance and properly use terminology and concepts from that section to describe your findings and experimentation techniques.

The goal of this case study is to come up with a fictional child (between the ages of 0 and 12) and make up data from a study that you hypothetically ran with this child.
Most of the test with the child involves Piaget-related evaluations that can highlight age-appropriate cognitive struggles that the child is currently going through (e.g. object permanence). However, your tests should also incorporate ways to examine several of the other theories of development that we covered. When writing about the results of your tests, you will need to:

Provide evidence identifying the stage in Pagets cognitive theory, Kohlbergs moral theory, and Eriksons identity theory that the child is most likely in.
Discuss some of the other identity concepts with which your child is probably struggling.
Propose a few ways that you might be able to help the child master some of his/her cognitive challenges by building off of the theories of Lev Vygotsky.
In the end, you will earn points for providing the following information:
Your description of the child that youre testing, including a fictitious name, age, and any other important details about him/her.
Your description of both the stage of development the child is in (for all of the different developmental topics covered) and the different challenges that this child is probably going through.
Your description of your experiments that you run on the child, the childs performance, and what this indicates about her/his cognitive development, moral development, and both past and current identity issues.
Your description of how you might be able to help this child accelerate his/her understanding of the cognitive concept that she/he is struggling with (using Vygotskys theories).
Please be sure to write the case study out as if you were a scientific observer of the child. Feel free to play around with this a bit, but make sure that your descriptions of the tasks and concepts are clear and that you display good comprehension of the material.

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