Describe how Disney handles employee training and development. What different approaches (described within the text chapter) for employee learning and development are offered to employees by this organization? In 1923, Mr. Disney started a cartoon studio. Today, the Walt Disney Company has grown to become a diversified, international family entertainment and media company. Among the companys major products/services are entertainment theme parks, domestically and internationally, hotels, media companies, and cruise line. In 2003, the company had revenues of over $27 billion and 117,000 employees approximately. Explore Disneys Website. (Hint – you’ll need to search a bit to find careers) Explore this informative Website and prepare a paper (for full credit at least 600 words, not counting the questions, your name, title of the paper, etc.) indicating your responses to the following questions.. Does the company offer explicit mentoring program? Explain the benefits of such a program to Disney. Does the company have a management succession policy? How important is management succession at a company like Disney?

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