1. Buddhism and Hinduism are major faiths that were born in India. Can History tell us why Hinduism has not spread around the world as has Buddhism?

The first will consist of a list of persons, places, events, concepts and one illustration. You must identify and state the historical significance of these. One point for identification and 4 points for historical significance. This section of the examination will be worth 30 points (5 points for each answer). Answer two of the following five questions in good essay form. [35 marks each for a total of 70 marks for Part B] REMEMBER! THIS IS A HISTORY COURSE AND YOU MUST PROVE YOUR ANSWERS WITH HISTORICAL EVIDENCE. 2. Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism are sometimes called philosophies rather than religions. What is your opinion, based on historical evidence? 3. Can Humanism be considered a religion? 4. Do Judaism, Christianity and Islam give the same degree of authority to their respective scriptures? 5. Northrop Frye wrote that humanity lives in a mythological universe. Discuss this idea with respect to a definition of religion.

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