Create a 15 minute oral presentation (3-4) pages that examines the moral and ethical issues related to triaging patients in the emergency room.

The situation is another hospital had an issue with two patients that were in an industrial accident, they arrived at the ER at the same time and presented with the same inhalation injuries. A lot of negative press was received about the hospital about the way the triage was handled. Supervising nurse would like you to do a presentation to avoid this type of situation in your facility. By reviewing practices, etc. at your facility. The specifics are: One is a 32 year old firefighter who is presenting with respiratory difficulties that he obtained while evacuating victim of an industrial accident. He is a married homeowner and father of two young boys. Lived in community all of his life and has full and comprehensive health insurance through his employer. The other patient is a 58 year old man, who is presenting with respiratory difficulties with the same intensity as the firefighter and is well known at the hospital emergency room, as he is a frequent visitor with various complaints, which include asthma, headaches, and tremors. He is homeless, unemployed and uninsured. He resides at the YMCA and eats lunch at the local soup kitchen. He has resided in the community for over 10 years and has been arrested several times for petty theft. Divide your draft into a number of talkin points that you can summarize neatly. Keep in mind that an oral presentation requires slightly different language than an essay. The aim is to communicate your message so keep sentences simple and focus on the key points you want to deliver. The following should be addressed in your presentation: Explain the health care policies and protocols that are in place that direct triage care in an emergency situation. Explain how health care disparities impact treatment decisions. Identify the health care policies that are in place that direct care for uninsured individuals. Is there a difference in how these individual are triaged? Describe the moral and ethical challenges nurses can face when following hospital policies and protocols. Is there a conflict when a severly injured person is also uninsured? Recommed evidenced-based strategies that should be applied for managing the care of uninsured and indigent population.

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