Crawford and Krashen

paper on the Crawford and Krashen texts.
You are to write a 3-4 –page paper on the Crawford and Krashen texts. In your paper, the following questions must be addressed:
1. What are two things you learned about the nature of learning a second language?
2. What are two reasons that bilingual instruction is beneficial to children?
3. What are two erroneous criticisms of bilingual education?
4. What are two legal mandates regarding English language learners?
5. Why is No Child Left Behind (NCLB) detrimental for English language learners?
6. What is wrong with the assumption that yesterday’s immigrants learned English while today’s immigrants resist it?
In answering these questions, you must not simply list the question and then an answer. Your paper must be an integrated, well-developed essay about bilingual education and second language learners. You will be held to all APA standards with regards to citation and format.


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