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Use one of the articles in Signs of Life in the U.S.A. that we have not read for class as the basis for further analysis of a subject. In your paper, you must discuss the article and show the way that your work develops out of the article, as well as the way that further research and thought have taken your work in a particular direction. Though the assignment gives you plenty of latitude for developing an argument about a subject that interests you, you must connect your work to the article in Signs of Life. Papers that do not mention or use the article that forms the foundation for the paper will automatically fail.

Important to your success is spending significant time skimming some articles in Signs of Life and reading others more thoroughly so that you find one that raises questions and possibilities for your writing. Choose an article that raises interesting questions that you wish to pursue: avoid the temptation to choose an article just because you like the subject in general or because you think that you have found something “easy” to write about. A term paper assignment tests your ideas to think and to develop ideas independently, and your paper will be stronger when you find something important and interesting to add to the conversation.

In order to see whether you are on track and to provide guidance for your term paper, I want you to submit a proposal for the paper. It is due April 15. Include the following in the proposal:
· The author, title, and page number of the article from Signs of Life that will form the basis for your paper
· A discussion of about 200 words in which you detail 1) the question or issue that the article raises for you and 2) the argument that you tentatively plan to pursue in your paper

The paper is due May 13 as part of the Portfolio Assignment. It should be 1800-2400 words. We will discuss research and integrating research into papers late in the semester, but you need to be aware that I will be evaluating your research using the following criteria:
· a minimum of five sources, no more than one of which may be an Internet source (if you do not provide secondary research for the term paper, then you will automatically fail the assignment)
· a Works Cited or References page using APA or MLA documentation format
· the ability to integrate relevant, appropriate quotations smoothly into your argument

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