Corporate Social Responsibility in Data





Part I.


Groups of three students will contact the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) executive of the assigned organization.

  • In contact with the executive and review of the market activities, the group will study the organization’s CSR implementation process in the UAE. I choose The Emirates Group “Dnata”
  • Prepare a report on the organization’s CSR implementation with the following components:

Executive Summary                                                                            3 marks

Company background                                                                         2 marks

CSR implementation                                                                           7 marks

Analysis and recommendation of the group for improvement           7 marks

Conclusion                                                                                          3 marks

Readability, flow of ideas                                                                  3 marks

Total for part I          25




The report should be presented in a professional business format, in 3000 words (around 6 pages).  



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