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OSHA 362



Large storage facility – Reasonable Care


In a multi-employer work site such as a large storage facility, it is the responsibility of every employer to make sure that work environment is safe for all employees in an attempt to comply with OSHA standards, under the guidance of multi-employer citation policy.  It is the responsibility of the employers to provide reasonable care for the facility’s employers. On multi-employer worksites, there is a possibility that more than one employer may get citation for the violation of OSHA standards and non-compliance with safety standards. There are four different types of employers on a multi-employer work site; sometimes the responsibilities may be shared among the employers, depending on the work environment. Employers may have multiple roles such as controlling and creating functions. The four different types of employers are creating, controlling, correcting and exposing employers.

A creating employer is one responsible for the results in the production of hazards.  The creating employer has certain responsibilities to keep the work environment safe. He must take the necessary steps to keep all other employers and their employees away from the hazard, so basically he has to tell the location of the hazard along with its circumference of its effects. He must notify the controlling employer about the hazard for comprehensive approach to protect the work environment. The protection measures must be taken promptly without any delay, if the immediate measures are not available, then keep the worker’s away from the hazard area.

An employer who is responsible for creating a work environment that will expose the hazard to the employees is known as an exposing employer. The exposing employer has the responsibility to protect the employees from the hazard. He has to take frequent and careful work site inspection to identify the hazards and to prevent the potential hazards. If he found the hazards or potential hazards, he must involve the controlling employer and other necessary employers to correct the problem with feasible measures available. If no substantial measures are available, immediate removal of employees from the worksite is recommended. An employer who is responsible for correcting the identified hazard in an attempt to protect the employees in the work environment is called the correcting employer. The correcting employer must implements correction measures promptly and remove the employees from the work site if substantial measures are not available to correct the hazard exposure in the large storage facility.

The controlling employer is the key player in the work site protection and he is responsible for the coordination of the different employers. The controlling employer primary responsibility is to prevent the hazard, identify the hazard and correct it.

If there is no official controlling employer then the owner of the large storage facility will become the controlling employer. The controlling employer provides reasonable care for the employees by coordinating different activities among different employers and employees. The reasonable care must include a program that can increase the knowledge of hazard and possible violations and how to avoid them. An operative safety and health program must be in place and must be provided to the employees on a regular basis. Contemporary hazard identification and correction system must be in place in order to meet the hazards created by the technological and engineering advancements. Regular jobsite safety meetings or safety trainings must be conducted to encourage employee participation and violations log must be maintained. By coordinating the employers on multi-employer work site (large storage facility), It can be compliant with OSHA.


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