Conflict Resolution among interdisciplinary team in Emergency Department

In the Conflict Analysis Paper you learned about the development, escalation, and outcome of a conflict through a step by step exploration of the conflict process. In Renegotiating health care: Resolving conflict to build collaboration, Leonard Marcus (1995) suggested a 10 step problem-solving process to resolve conflict. For this paper you will apply the Marcus (1995) 10 steps to the conflict you previously analyzed, identify the collaborative alternative dispute resolution (ADR) appropriate to the conflict, create shared resolutions to the conflict, anticipate future conflict, and integrate conflict resolution processes in your health care work setting. Fully answer the discussion prompts in each step in writing this paper. Your discussion will demonstrate understanding of conflict resolution and the ADR approach you select.

Please follow the instructions above and guide yourself by the Conflict Analysis Paper that I will be attaching. Also, It is mandatory to follow all the 10 steps of the conflict resolutions mentioned in the text book:

Marcus, L. J., Dorn, B. C., & McNulty, E. J. (2011). Renegotiating health care. Resolving conflict to build collaboration (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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