Complicated Kindness and The Kite runner

You must respond to three prompts in each of the three response journal entries that you write for one novel. But that’s not all: by the end of the three response journals for one novel you need to have used all six prompts at least once each. That way you aren’t talking only about the same three prompts all the time.
In terms of the structure and style of your reader response journal entries, use these guidelines:
•    Use paragraphs to group your ideas, as you would in any type of school writing.
•    Do not use formal essay structure; the structure can be more informal since it is a personal journal response.
•    Use the first person pronoun “I” because the goal is to show your personal opinions and thoughts.
•    Be specific in explaining and supporting your ideas. Refer to specific moments in the novel and use quotations when applicable, though a Works Cited page is not necessary.

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