African American Males Who Drug Traffic Between the ages of 14 and 19

Topic is African American males who sell drugs between the ages of 14-19. What motivates this  population to drop out of school, and live a life of crime. Research Questions are BELOW and must be used in the Proposal. It is a Convenience Sampling Study. You must add the references to all of the literature. Please do not bid on the job if you are not able to follow the written guideline as written! Proposal must be done using the format provided. Do not digress from outline.  Research Questions  that will guide this study are

1.  What are the environmental factors that contribute to  the decision by which African American youths between the ages of 14-19 decide to participate in drug trafficking?

2.What do African American youth between the ages of 14-19 perceive to be the reasons why they engage in drug trafficking behaviors?

3.What types of preventative programming could be developed to reduce the incident of African American male engaging in drug trafficking behaviors?

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