Compare and contrast

Each student will choose two objects from the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art to compare and contrast. These may be objects from the same, or completely different cultures and time periods, but there should be some reason why you are choosing to compare them. Perhaps they share the same function in their different societies. Perhaps they both exhibit the way their cultures construct ideas of gender. There are many different ways that you can approach this assignment, but all papers should include:
–General information about the objects (title, date, period, medium, materials, as appropriate).
–Description of the object (based on your observations at the museum).
–The bulk of the paper should consist of a scholarly analysis, based on research you have done on the objects, of their function and use, iconography, and their social, religious, and artistic significance, as relevant. Approach your objects within the context of the issues and themes discussed in class.
–Footnotes, a separate bibliography, and clearly labeled illustrations of any works discussed.

The two sculptures chosen are: The 15th century Virgin and Child Attributed to Claux de Werve and Virgin and Child in Majesty

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