Using the key terms and concepts from both “Critical Political Economy (CPE)” and “Textual Analysis” discuss the presentation of a particular news item with in the last 3 months.

Your analysis must compare the coverage of the item in two different formats (Commercial and Public Broadcasting). major news paper, in a country.

– No need to explain much of the theories.
– Primary Sources & Secondary sources need to be referenced in Harvard Referencing.
* Eg; news items from two different news provider (online)
-one should be commercial broadcasting (Privately Owned) and the other one should be Public broadcasting (Government Owned).
– could discuss a specific event of news ; how it differs in the two media (in Privately owned and Publicly owned media).
– all the analysis should be done on Textual Analysis and Critical Political Economy.
– Not Content Analysis (no statistics or data numbers)
– In Critical Political Economy, the ownership of the media is very important in analysis.
– So to Do this its necessary to be thorough with the theory of “Textual Analysis” and “Content Analysis”.
– Does not have to go in depth in to the theory – what is required is the actual analysis.

and please keep me informed on the the type of media sources you are going to use as the essay is pretty specific.

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