CO2 Capture in the Oil and Gas Industry

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Table of Contents

List of figures

List of Tables

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Effects of Climate change

1.2 Trends in Global CO2 emissions

1.3 Objective and Scope of the Project

1.4 Project Approach

2.0 Literature Survey

2.1 Role of Carbon Capture and Storage

2.2 CO2 Capture Schemes

2.2.1 Post-Combustion Capture Systems

2.2.2 Pre-Combustion Capture Systems

2.2.3 Oxy-Fuel Capture Systems

2.3 CO2 Separation Technologies

2.3.1 Absorption

2.3.2 Adsorption

2.3.3 Gas Separation Membranes

2.3.4 Cryogenic Distillation

2.4 CO2 Transport

2.5 CO2 Storage

2.6 Case Study: Carbon Capture and Storage in Oil & Gas Industry

2.6.1 The Principles of Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery

2.6.2 Applications of Carbon Capture and Storage in Oil & Gas Industry

2.6.3 Future Potential and Challenges

2.6.4 Carbone Dioxide Enhance Oil Recovery in UAE’s Oil & Gas Industry

2.7 Policies and Regulations of Carbon Capture and Storage

2.8 Environmental Impact of Carbon Capture and Storage

2.9 Economics of Carbon Capture and Storage

2.10 Current and Future Carbon Capture and Storage technologies

3.0 Discussion

4.0 Conclusions

5.0 Recommendations

6.0 References


List of references

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CCS in the United Arab Emirates

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