Capstone Project Contextual Guide

Capstone Project Contextual Guide
The Capstone Project provides an opportunity for students to analyze, integrate and demonstrate
a synthesis of course information. The Project requires the student to develop a well organized
and comprehensive paper. Papers must also be presented to the class. As noted in the description
for this course, it is designed to enhance students’ personal development and provide a holistic
understanding of what college requires. Further, students explore academic majors, career
opportunities, and affective issues related to personality, learning strategies and academic
Utilizing the course information, including the outcome of your Skills Assessment in the Georgia
Career Information Center assignment, you are required to reflect on your personal and academic
goals, and articulate your strategies for achieving them. The paper must be presented in the
standard five paragraph college essay format.
The following outline provides a guide to organizing your thoughts and paper:
I. Introduction
a) Introduce your paper
b) What is it about?
c) How will the information be presented?
II. Results of the Skills Assessment
a) What are your thoughts regarding the results of the Career Assessment?
b) What did you learn about yourself?
c) Have you reconsidered your career options? If yes, why? If no, why not?
III. Career Choice
a) What are the duties and responsibilities of the position you desire?
b) What are the educational and experience requirements?
c) What is the salary range?
d) What are the market trends for the profession you aspire to?
IV. Plan of Action
a) What are the requirements for you to enter the 4-year institution of your
b) What types of college level behaviors, activities and characteristics you
should be engaged in and demonstrating?
c) What will it take for you to go to the next academic level?
d) What is your action plan?
V. Conclusion
a) What aspects of this course have been helpful to you in learning how to be
successful in college?
b) How will you use these skills to be successful and progress academically?
c) Summarize your thoughts Written Presentation of Paper:
This paper must have at least 5 paragraphs (that address the above questions) and NOT exceed
two pages. The paper must be typewritten with Times New Roman, size 12 font and double
spaced. There should be standard margins on all sides. Page numbers need to be included.
The paper should have a cover sheet with your name, title of the paper, Atlanta Metropolitan
College, course, and date centered in the middle of the page. The cover page should be singled
spaced. Submit the paper as an attachment in the assignment drop box.
The paper will be graded on the following:
1. Organization of Thought: How well ideas and sections of the paper are structured.
2. Quality of Analysis: How well critical thinking is applied to the topic and the degree to
which ideas are thought provoking and creative.
3. Paper Presentation/Paragraphs: All paragraphs include introductory sentence,
explanations or details, and concluding sentence. There is correct use of grammar and
punctuation. Paper adhered to stated presentation guidelines (font size and style, spacing,
cover sheet, page numbers, etc).
Students are encouraged to seek writing assistance from the Academic Support Center
before submitting papers.
This paper is valued at 25% of your final grade. Papers must be presented as part of the
Discussion Topics in order to receive credit. Additional format information is available
A/B (very good to
• Paper addressed all areas of inquiry
• Paper is well structured; though provoking
• Paper demonstrated creativity
• Very few, if any grammatical errors
• Paper adhered to written presentation guidelines
B/C(fair to good) • Paper addressed most areas of inquiry
• Paper was somewhat engaging
• Some grammatical and structural errors
• Some, but not many major issues with paper guidelines
for written presentation
D/F(poor to failing) • Paper lacked consistency in or omitted areas of inquiry
• Paper lacked structure and creativity
• Major issues with grammar
• Paper did not follow guidelines for written presentation

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