Biome in Danger Rough Draft

Assignment details:

Background: The Rapa Nui civilization on Easter Island caused that island system to collapse as a result of deforestation. This island no longer has trees and the rich land has eroded away. There are very few people or animals that can actually live on this island due to the collapse of the ecosystem.

Step 1: Download the Worksheet to get started. Use this worksheet to compose your rough draft of the Week 4 Assignment by completing all sections within the Worksheet. Use the feedback from your instructor this week to make the necessary changes and to complete the Week 4 Assignment next week.

Step 2: Using LIRN and/or the Internet search for another situation similar to the Rapa Nui discussed in our text where the ecosystem is being degraded to the point that is near the collapse of the system. This biome system may be aquatic, forested, dry savannah, tundra etc. Choose one that interests you.

Step 3: Complete the four Worksheet sections and include information on your LIRN and Internet sources in the References section of the worksheet. This will help you to write your essay in Week 4.


Before you turn in your assignment, did you address the following and use the assignment rubric to check your work?

Mechanics (spelling and punctuation) and grammar are error-free

Did you meet the listed objectives above?
•Identify the components of an ecosystem and determine the economic services supported by an ecosystem.
•Relate challenges in sustainability and the preservation of life and ecological systems to current and contemporary issues, as well as to
historical challenges.

Introduction: Biome choice introduced along with brief explanation.

Biome in danger explanation: Biome in danger description noted along with where this information comes from. Points addressed in

the notes include: plants, animals and other resources in danger within the biome and potential value to be lost if not saved. Notes on potential challenges in preserving the biome are also included.

Biome Depletion Danger: Biome depletion information listed along with where this information comes from.

Saving the Biome: Notes include at least 3 subpoints which will be further discussed on saving the biome along with where this information comes from.

References noted in APA style


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