Business Ethics

Essay: complete an essay of 2,500 words on ‘due diligence’ and supply chain responsibilities, relating to big clothing companies and the disasters in the garment industry in Bangladesh.

Outline the issue in the introduction.

It is important that you show your understanding of business ethics as a human interactive practice. Hence you must provide examples for:
-result based arguments
-duties based arguments
-relations based arguments

You must at least provide one for each approach that can be used to campaign against the
organization, and then counter these. Hence in your essay, you will first ‘put on the hat’ of a campaigning NGO, and then ‘the hat’ of the CEO of the corporation responding to the NGO claims.

Try to be as clear as possible: make reference to facts. Try to be as concrete as possible: make reference to concrete initiatives or regulation).

Include your own opinion in a separate section towards the conclusion.

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