The Case Study analyse – Ethics Part B Section 2

Ethics Assignment –Part B (Section 2 – Seminars 1&5)

1. The Seminar Case (in Seminars 1 and 5) (20%ofmarks)

2. A Reflective statement of 600 words concerning the seminar ethical dilemma case which was debated in the Seminars One and Five identifying ethical dilemmas and presenting proposals supported by theory *

3. The reference list below must be used to identify the following points:

a. Identifying an Ethical Dilemma
Individual factors
Organisational influences
Effectiveness of codes
Rewards and punishment
b. Proposed Resolution of an Ethical Dilemma
Ethical Philosophies
Moral intensity
4.The number reduced to the main sources below:

Crane, A & Matten D (2010) Business Ethics Oxford University Press (3rd Edition)
This module is closely linked to the third edition, and direct references are made to page numbers; therefore, previous editions are unsuitable.

Jones, T.M. (1991). Ethical decision-making by individuals in organizations: an issue-contingent model. Academy of Management Review 16, pp. 366-395

Moore, G. & Beadle, R. (2006) In Search of Organizational Virtue in Business: Agents, Goods, Practices, Institutions and Environments, Organization Studies, 27(3), pp. 369-389

Wilcox, T. (2012). Human resource management in a Compartmentalized world: Whither Moral Agency? Journal of Business Ethics, 111, p.p. 85-96

5. Main questions to be answered in analysing process:

• Reconsider the ethical dilemmas you identified in Seminar One. Are you satisfied that your answers were right?

• Identify the normative ethical frameworks that the characters in this case are using

• Identify the normative ethical frameworks that you would have used in resolving these dilemmas

• Present your conclusions to the seminar

6. Marking Criteria –Seminar 1 and 5: Ethical Dilemma Case 20%

1. Identifies ethical dilemmas in the case – both whose dilemmas these were and their options
2. Uses normative ethical frameworks and relevant concepts (e.g. stages of moral development, stakeholder salience, moral intensity) to propose solutions to the identified dilemmas
3. Communicate in appropriate language and present information professionally.

7. See Attached documents (Case Study and answer the required questions using the theories in the books.

8. Use APA Referencing style.

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