Part 1: Case study report
Select an organisation from the case study list (posted on Moodle). Analyse and evaluate the current situation of the case study. Identify and describe the performance and capabilities of the organisation. Explain why the organisation is in its current situation. Ensure you justify your recommendations.

Report task:
You should analyse the current situation of a case study in the four following areas:

1.1 Innovation & organisational sustainability (resilience) [~ 500 words]
• Investigate the innovation capability: How does the company innovate?
• Critically analyse the sustainability capability: How does the organisation deal with difficult times and changes over time?
1.2 Operations and internal processes [~ 500 words]
• Evaluate the IS/IT capability: How does the organisation use IS/IT to measure and improve its performance?)
• Using some of the tools of Operational Analysis, assess the scale and scope of the range of goods or services produced by the organisation. Evaluate the type and design of the supply chain used by the organisation.

• 1.3 Customer and Marketing [~ 500 words]
• Investigate the marketing capability: What is the company’s target market and how does the company segment its market? Consider the importance of ‘brand’.
• Critically analyse the company’s sales approach: How does the company transact with its key business customers and/ or its consumers (whichever is more relevant)
1.4 Finance [~ 500 words]
• Identify the financial performance: What is the financial situation of the organisation?, What is the current financial situation of the firm?
[You might want to look at the official financial statements/figures such as turnover, profit, sales]

The reports should incorporate a good analysis of the current situation of the organisation, its performance and capabilities. A very good report will include some reasons of why the organisation is in its current situation.

Part 2: Organisational performance development
Critically reflect the selected case study and develop a strategic business development plan how to (re-)develop the organisational capability and its performance to establish a high performance organisation. Provide an introduction to the organisation and evaluate and develop a business strategy to establish a high performance organisation by using appropriate theory. Explain why you would develop the organisation in a certain way. Ensure you justify your recommendations.

Report task
You should critical evaluate and develop the case study report towards a high performance organisation. This report will include two sections:

2.1 Critical evaluation of the case study and development of the case organisation to build a high performance organisation
• Critical evaluate and develop the four main areas of a high performance organisation

2.2 Analysis of the financial performance of a “made-up” competitor
• Analyse the data of the last two available years for an imaginary competitor highlighting the key ratios that indicate changes in performance.

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