For this assignment, write at a least 1500 word research paper using the CASE 2-1 BMW TAPS THE EMERGING CHINESE LUXURY MARKET located, in Cases I section the textbook. Address the following topics and case study questions:


There is often a natural tendency to assume that in collectivist cultures such as that in China, luxury products would not be popular.
Explain how luxury products such as the BMW automobile might fulfill needs even within the traditional collectivist value set of China.
Explain other factors that might be driving the desire for luxury in China.
Develop a sample advertisement for BMW in China. Include the major theme, the key copy points, and the visual that you would utilize. Explain and defend your choices based on the case and materials in Chapter 2.
Growth in car ownership is expected to explode in China within the next 20 years. This will, for many Chinese, involve buying and owning a car for the very first time. In terms of adoption of innovation (see Chapter 7) for these first-time buyers:The automobile is an innovation that is not as widespread in China as in other countries. Chapter 7 discusses the innovation process and factors affecting the spread of innovations. Figures 7-7 through 7-9 give examples of various diffusion curves based on different diffusion rates. Draw two separate adoption curves, one for rural consumers, and one for urban consumers in China. Defend your answer based on demographics, values and lifestyle factors.
What type of innovation is the car for Chinese consumers who have never owned one? Explain.
The current car owners in China, comprising 5 percent of the population, would fall into which adoption categories?
Analyze the likelihood that such growth can be achieved using Table 7-3 as a structure.
Do you think the values and desires of later adopters in china will be different from the 5 percent who currently own cars?
BMW and other foreign automakers are adapting their products to better suit the Chinese market. To what extent should BMW customize its offerings to local tastes and preferences? What are the risks of extreme customization?
Developing guanxi is a vital part of business in China. Using the text and case, explain how a Western company could build guanxi with its Chinese business partner.
China is not the only Asian country with a large population that represents opportunity for new customers who have their own unique tastes. Similar to BMW Brilliance, BMW India serves the Indian market and launches certain models especially for India. Discuss factors that make India attractive to BMW. Compare and contrast India and China in terms of the key elements that BMW must address.
Your research must also include at least 4 additional academic (e.g., journal articles) resources in addition to your textbook to support your conclusions).

Text Book: Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy 13th Edition by Mothersbaugh & Hawkins

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