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The introduction of the BlackBerry brand onto the information and technology market in 1999 is regarded as one of the landmark developments in the field of communication technology (Mittal and Shikha 11; Sweeny 44). In the past years, BlackBerry has witnessed a significant rise in popularity of its Smartphone products with statistics showing a consistent growth of its market presence and competitive advantage (Simmons 90; Baldauf and Ralph 52). It is estimated that BlackBerry accounts for nearly 3 percent of the global sales of mobile cell phones. Some of the technological features that have increased the appeal of the BlackBerry brand on the market include internet browsers, personal digital assistants, cameras, portable media players, push email, instant messaging, and gaming devices (Mazo and Martin 41; Kao, Dante and Kevin 66).

In terms of aesthetics, the BlackBerry is renowned for its stylish features and diversity in models, which are particularly made to suit the various tastes of the clientele. The BlackBerry manufacturer, Research In Motion (RIM) has sought to enhance the features and qualities of the brand in order to suit the growing dynamics in preferences and retain its hold on the market (Sarigumba, Robert, William and Timothy 127). Generally, BlackBerry brands have been some of the leading forces behind the innovations and technological developments of mobile telephone business.

It is important to consider the rapid development of BlackBerry as a signal of the nature of growth of mobile telephony on the international space. Although the BlackBerry brand has brought about multiple advantages, questions still linger as to the vulnerability of individual privacies in the wake of increased sophistication that have followed social networking and other internet based services (Johnston and Richard 85). As a result, it would be necessary to consider both the positive and negative contributions of BlackBerry in the field of communication.

Research Methods

I will research pertinent information on the BlackBerry brands from the relevant websites that contain resourceful information on the products. Particularly, my concern will be on the product range, innovations, and other matters of technological development.

I will explore market analyses and reports to obtain information about the performance of the BlackBerry brand on the international market. These sources will furnish my understanding on the market forces, competition, performance and stability of the BlackBerry brand. It will also enable me to determine the SWOT and PEST analysis of the product.

I will incorporate case studies on the performance of the BlackBerry and its impact on the mobile telephony market from identified cases around the world. This will help in matching findings, propositions, and information from other sources with actual performances.

I will examine documentaries with relevant information on the features, developments, market performance, and trends of the BlackBerry brands in the context of information technology developments. This will help in predicting scenarios for the future within the context of development in the field of mobile telephony.

I will explore wide literature on the general development of Smartphone brands from the perspective of other companies in order to assess the levels of competition and the nature of the market in which the BlackBerry brand has developed. This will help in determining some of the underlying forces behind the development and consumption of the products.

Time Line

  • Week 1: Collect resources and documentaries relevant to the study
  • Week 2: Begin working on the annotated bibliography
  • Week 3: Carry out a comprehensive research on resourceful and current literature
  • Week 4: Start developing a preliminary outline of the paper
  • Week 5: Begin fitting particular details into the outline of the paper
  • Week 6: Start developing the rough draft of the study
  • Week 7: Seek supervisors views on the rough draft
  • Week 8: Review the draft in line with the supervisor’s guidance
  • Week 9: Finish up the remaining details of the final draft
  • Week 10: Edit and submit the final draft for assessment

Relevance of the Study

This study will seek to explore the various advantages that the Black Beery brand has brought in the field of information and technology. The findings of this study will enable market analysts to predict the future of the mobile telephony by engaging with the patterns of consumption and preferences of the clientele. The study will also be resourceful in providing a landscape for investors as it will supply appropriate information on the global trends in the consumption of the mobile telephone products. It would be necessary to determine some of the challenges and opportunities that are to be found in the field of mobile telephone technology from the perspective of the Black Berry brand.

Essentially, this study will explore the different kinds of synergies that have been developed to explain the place of technology in expanding the value of communication. This study will open up ways of exploring the different kinds of services that have evolved within mobile telephone communication in the geographical space. Comparative studies of past and recent studies have shown that the consumption of mobile telephone services has grown tremendously and has evolved to include innovations in entertainment and edutainment. This study will assess the validity of such claims from the perspective of BlackBerry brand of mobile telephone products.


Annotated Bibliography

Mittal, Kunal and Shikha Gupta. BlackBerry for Work: Productivity for Professionals. New York: Apress, 2010.

This book delves in the different roles that a BlackBerry could play outside the domain of mobile telephony. The study identifies various tasks such as data storage, scheduling, time management, research and other activities and processes that the BlackBerry technology is suited for performing. The study will be necessary in this research as t will provide resourceful information regarding the multiple advantages that the BlackBerry brand has bought in the professional world.


Simmons, Curt. How to Do Everything with Your BlackBerry, Second Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Prof Med/Tech, 2004

This book shows the utilitarian aspect f the BlackBerry from different dimensions. The author projects his attention to the multiple applications, which have given the BlackBerry a competitive advantage in the world of mobile technology. In essence, the study explores the different aspects of the BlackBerry in terms of a technological solution to different fields. This book will furnish the study with some of the advantages of the BlackBerry in order to expand the literature on the value of the brand.


Sweeny, Alastair. BlackBerry Planet: The Story of Research in Motion and the Little Device that Took the World by Storm. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2009.

Sweeny’s book explores the revolutionary qualities of the BlackBerry as a modern invention in the field of mobile telephony. This book goes into great detail to highlight the many technical features of the BlackBerry, which have made it a favourable asset for people from different walks of life. The value of this study could be assessed from a comparative point of view between old school mobile telephone technology and the modern technology within the context of BlackBerry.



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