Biology (and other Life Sciences)


First of all, I ill upload the syllabus of this course. It shows exactly how to write a proper reflection paper. I would like you to follow the instructions thoroughly and accurately!!!!.
Okay so here is information that will help you write about the reflection essay. Please, if you have any questions, ask me.

– I am an international Transfer student who comes from the Middle East, Lebanon. I studied my : Freshman,Sophomore, and little bit of the Junior year over there, then I transfered to the US, FPU, continue my education. This happened due to the unstable political situations over there.
– The educational experience I had over there, was more suitable for me. Because it is costumed in a way where I can catch up with everything, because English is my second language. For example, posting slides,,video of some lectures ,, notes of the lecture will always be offered over there for the people who can’t write good notes in their second language, such as my case.
-Also , how people there are more friendly. They would like to talk and are always welling to help. This is because helping is a norm in Culture and religion insists and focuses on helping and caring between people. it plays a major role in most of peoples life.
– When I came to FPU, I faced many difficulties interacting with people. In other words, Experiencing culture shock.
-One class was very unique, And I truly have to say that it changed how I perceive thing in life; Bioethics course! It was very interesting course. We studied many scientific methods and studied them from different ethical principles/perspectives. The ethical principles we studied, tackled them Ethically and morally. You know, how the scientific advancements would point out many ethical,social and religious aspects in the 21th century. These Ethical arguments are mind enlightening. It is not simple as it sounds. Sometimes, or many times we reach a point where there is no right or wrong!
– I would like you to elaborate more on the Bioethics class.(For example; what I gained..benifits for the future life,etc..)
– Put in mind that I have studied the upper division science courses in FPU for ONE YEAR ONLY (I transferred in my last year) ..So not much of learning experience gained.
– speaking of strength and weakness: Chemistry is not my favorite subject..So i would stay away from Chemistry during my career life.You can elaborate more in this part.
– My strength is : the physiology of the body,,how we can manipulate the physiology of our body to have a better health and wellness. This happens through ( Certain exercises combined together with proper nutrition and supplementations).In other words, Move the health to a next level.
– What lead me to this understanding and this field: is my experience! It actually Works! My first trial was on myself. Through time, I got better and better, due to understanding how the physiology of my body works, what is good and bad for me, which would differ from one person to another. This is a major key of improving a person’s health.
– When I was taking the physiology course, I understood more how the body functions which helped me to understand more my body and what I distinctively need in order to improve my health and wellness.
I am going to Graduate school. Ill do my Masters in : Public Health. (Elaborate)
– I would like you to “Explain the sense of future vocation” ……
What leads me to believe this is my calling….?

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