Factors that effect soldiers Morale in wartime


i have already found my sources which i am going to apload (if in any case my sources are not helpful feel free to find the ones that can help you do this paper but PLEASE NOTE: that has to be A RELIABLE SOURCE). we are allowed to use only 3 or 4 sorces not less than 3 not more than 4. I have to write a research report on my findings. I have to write an ABSTRACT–> which explains the purpose of this paper, and should be written in 2-3 paragraphs. (i am going to apload an example so you can have the idea)
Then i have to do a REVIEW OF LITERATURE which will be my topic: The factors that effect soldiers morale (this should be only a page long)
Then i have to do METHOLOGY ANALYSIS and then i have to Examine my topic The factors that effect soldier morale with “Catch 22” how could my topic be related to “catch 22” put specific examples.
Then i have to do a summary of findings and Conlusion.
And the last thing not least i have to write a PERSONAL REFLECTION ON RESEARCH PROJECT
and the last i have to do the WORKS CITED

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