As you identify and hone your topic, ask yourself questions such as the following: Is my topic realistic?

Discussion 1: Honing the Research Topic Introduce yourself (ANTHONY B) and briefly describe your profession (LABORATORY) (or the profession you aspire to) (HEALTHCARE) and your current research topic.( To study the effectiveness of evidence based practice in health care industry) Module 1: Honing the Research Topic For this first module, you will identify your research topic. You may have already done this in a previous course and even conducted a literature review. Now you have an opportunity to specifically identify the literature you want to use and especially literature that has research methods that is applicable to your topic. Is it too emotionally linked to me or is it a personal ax to grind? Is there supportive literature? For my topic, are there research methods I can replicate within the literature, e.g., quantitative, qualitative, case studies, etc. Does my topic provide a contribution to the field, industry or practice?

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