argumentative documentary

These questions should be answered in the essay properly.
Who is the primary audience of the documentary?
What is the purpose of the documentary?
What is the occasion of the documentary? (to what event or idea does the documentary respond or address?)
Where in the film are examples of Compare and Contrast and Cause and Effect?
Has the director/narrator/featured artist presented information from both sides of the argument? If so, has the rhetor represented both sides fairly? Is there bias in their presentation of information? What could the presenter do differently in providing information to audiences?
*As an evaluator of argument, do you find the information valid and worthy of a positive evaluation?
*As a reviewer of the film, are you persuaded by the argument and will now think differently of the topic?
*note* The two aforementioned questions do not need the same answer. One asks about argument, the other asks about the issue being argued. Ask for further clarification if necessary.
What is the primary mode of appeal used to persuade audiences: ethos, pathos, or logos? Is this mode effective or tiresome? Why?

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