any period in geology time

Writing Assignment 1: Historical Geology

This assignment is worth 10% of your grade.

5% for 1st Draft (Stamped by writing Center)

5% for Final Paper

Ø The Length of the Paper should be once page single spaced. You can put references on second page. Font size should be no smaller than 10 and no larger than 12. If you need more space you can always widen your margins. If you want to include figures of any sort put them on a second page and reference them in the text. You can use any writing style you prefer for reference material.



Pick an Epoch or Period in time from the geological time scale found below. You can do this randomly if you like or choose based on an initial search or interest. Now imagine you had a time machine that can transport you to this time period (you will also have to imagine you can tolerate the atmosphere etc.). If you want to do this for the oceans of the time then you will have to imagine you have a machine that can take you into the water to explore below the oceans? You will have to use some creativity. This will require a little bit of research on the net or library. Your book is also a great resource. When creating your story try to incorporate some of the information below.

Ø What is the world like at the time in general?

Ø What environment have you landed in?

Ø What is the climate like where you have landed?

Ø What kind of geologic structures or mountain ranges might you be able to see?

Ø Describe a walk (or underwater adventure) you take once you get to that time? What kinds of animals and plants might dominate the landscape or underwater world? What kind of geologic features might dominate the landscape?

Ø What were some of the major events that occurred during that Epoch or Period?

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