Fast food industry

It thoroughly analyze an industry using Porter’s Five-Forces Model of Industry Competition, and will then evaluate the performance of two companies in the assigned industry using The Balanced Scorecard and the Baldrige National Quality Program. The paper should include a thoughtful analysis of the historic, current, and projected performance of the industry and the companies using any frameworks, tools, and concepts from well-known academicians and practitioners as a way to develop recommendations to improve future performance.

my topic is FAST FOOD INDUSTRY, please choose one FAST FOOD COMPANY to analysis. (KFC or others)

At a minimum, the following topics must be covered in the paper:
Industry dynamics – Use Porter’s Five Forces to identify major characteristics and trends impacting the industry, including industry size, regulations, recent mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, use of technology, economics and profitability, degree of direct competition, vulnerability to substitution, etc.

Company Summary – Use The Balanced Scorecard to analyze each company’s historic and expected future performance using several examples from the four dimensions: financials, customer, internal process, and learning & growth.

Identify and Address Major Issues and Opportunities for Each Company by performing a SWOT analysis on each company. Use the criteria from The Baldrige National Quality Program as a guide for identifying each organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external opportunities and threats.

Develop Recommendations – Based on your earlier work and with careful analysis on the progression of the industry, company, and product within its respective lifecycle; provide a summary that addresses the major performance issues, opportunities, threats, constraints, and critical success factors for the industry and both companies.

This assignment will be divided in five parts: an informal outline, an industry analysis, company evaluations, recommendations, and an informal oral summary.

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