acadmic activity

Academic Activity Directions
Students will attend an approved activity and write a one to two page double spaced reflection regarding the activity and their learning.
Approved activities are activities that assist the student in taking the next step in their academic experience.
For underclassmen the following activities are appropriate:
HDF or other Departmental Group Advising Meetings
(HDF Group advising is Monday Mar. 24 5 – 5:45 PM in EHS 230)
Meeting with an academic advisor,
Signing a major, and
Academic student association meetings
Upper classmen may consider:
Attending an academic student association meeting, such as the CMU student branch of the National Association for the Education for of Young Children (NAEYC),
Mock interviews,
Portfolio development, etc.
Reflection will include the following information:
Description of activity
Description of what student learned from attending
How it related to student’s identify status – see pages 224-5 of HDEV 2 or pages 248 – 249 HDEV 3

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