SUPPOSE A WOMAN GETS PREGNANT BY HER PARTNER AND WANTS AN ABORTION? SUPPOSE HER PARTNER DISAGREES. SHOULD HER PARTNER’S PREFERENCE BE GIVEN ANY WEIGHT IN THE DECISION? IF YES,HOW MUCH AND WHY? IF NO, WHY NOT?should be at least 8 pages ,the sources should be each at least 10 pages long and published within the last 10 years,should be from jstor.academic search complete and other other trusted sources online-my professor is strict about that and also citations, you should also support the idea that the woman should be allowed to make decision to abort because thats what i submitted as my main argument on the thesis page,i will need the writers e-mail so that i can send the thesis page that has comments from my instructor: he will need to see some of the information from the thesis i showed him earlier,thanks-my paper is due to my professor on sunday night. that is why i should receive it from you on saturday.

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