Stem cell research

Extra-Credit Directions:

The extra-credit will address topics relating to subjects covered in the classroom.  Students will be given a set of topics to research and develop “pro” and “con” positions upon.  Each student is required to turn in an adequate copy of their positions for all topics listed before the start of the colloquium in-class event.  Papers must meet the following formatting requirements in order to be eligible for extra-credit, otherwise no credit will be given.

For the Paper:

  • Name, PID, and  Date in each page Header
  • 12 pt font, Times New Roman, single spaced, 1 inch margins
  • No extra spaces at top/bottom of page or between paragraphs
  • 5 pages of text with numbers representing questions (i.e. do not type out the question)
  • Each question is to have one full page dedicated to it, no more, no less
  • For each question, spend a little under half the page developing pros, a little under half developing cons, and 2-3 sentences at the end stating your position and why based on the evidence you provided.  Do not spend more space on one argument than another.
  • Any citations should be provided on a separate citation page (not to be included as part of the five pages) in any format such as APA, MLA, etc.

For the In-Class Colloquium:

  • Come a bit early if you can to check in with your paper (10-15 minutes)
  • Students will be called randomly from those who wrote a paper to defend a position in front of the class
  • The position you are assigned may differ from your personal position.  You are to defend the position you are assigned.  Any statement that discredits the position you were assigned (e.g. “I don’t feel this way, but…”, “My conclusion was totally different, but…”) during the colloquium will result in disqualification from extra-credit for the assignment.
  • After presenters have spoken the topic will open for discussion by other members of the class.  Your participation in this open forum is highly recommended.

Guideline for Speakers:

  • Be fully prepared to defend either position of any topic ( you can highlight important points on the paper you will turn in beforehand)
  • Avoid personal attacks and inappropriate, impolite language towards others

Guideline for Listeners:

  • Be courteous and attentive


  • Maintain the free and open expression of ideas


  • And most important: Listen.  There won’t be any need to use your phone or laptop.  No use of electronic devices will be tolerated; we expect everyone’s full participation.  Such use during discussion can result in attendance points being taken away for the colloquium.



Example Page of an Acceptably Formatted Response




If you have are having difficulty getting your word processing program’s formatting to fit the requirements, please email or speak to the teacher’s aide as soon as possible.

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