A Speech of Hope for Women





A Speech of Hope for Women

Today, I stand as a voice for all the voiceless women in this country. The men in power have hushed women, segregating, discriminating, and devaluing them. The state has given women the impression that being a woman is a mistake, and that women are lesser beings compared to men. However, this day, I want to disagree with all this. I want to prove that women are worthy. Women are the backbone of this nation, and should be treated with the respect and integrity they deserve.

Women are capable of decisions that can transform this nation and take it to greater heights. Women have enough intellect to decide the kind of leader they want, one that will stand for this country.  Denying women the right to vote is discriminatory. It is stealing away their voice, hushing them to the realities they face. However, I believe that one day; women will celebrate their victory in this.

I believe that soon, liberation is coming for the womenfolk of this country. Men have chained women, and dominated over them today. Women attempting to vote are arrested, while men vote freely. I refuse to believe that men alone are capable of choosing good leaders. I stand up to challenge fellow women to stand up for their rights, and not languish under this psychological oppression. It is time for women to rise above male dominance today, and be advocates of their own rights.

I believe in the future. Although voting is a crime for women today, I challenge all women not to despair, one day we will be smiling our way to the ballot box. One day, our daughters will choose the leaders of their choice. One day, women will rise above male chauvinism, taking up great leadership positions in this important country. No matter what, I believe, and see a day when this nation state will put the needs of women first. This is the day, manipulation of women and gender inequality will be history. This day, women will be heroes for the many challenges and oppressions of the past, which they have withstood. A little more patience and advocacy will bring us this day.


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